Check Out the Busiest Streets in Conway

Major Conway traffic averages more than 226,000 vehicles per day with I-40 leading the pack at more than 62,000 vehicles per day. Its peak location is between U.S. 65 and Oak Street.  

Dave Ward Drive and Oak Street round out the top three for top traffic in Conway, averaging 32,000 and 31,000 vehicles per day, respectively. The busiest section of Dave Ward Drive is at South German Lane while Oak Street’s busiest section is at Amity Road. 

Harkrider and Prince streets complete the top five with 26,000 and 20,000 vehicles per day. The busiest section of Harkrider is at Siebenmorgen Road while the busiest section of Prince Street is at Farris Road. 

For the complete list, see below: 

Traffic Counts for Key Conway Streets
StreetVehicles per dayPeak Location
I-4062,000U.S. 65 to Oak Street
Dave Ward Drive32,000Dave Ward Drive & South German Lane
Oak Street31,000Oak Street & Amity Road
Harkrider Street26,000Harkrider Street & Siebenmorgen Road
Prince Street20,000Prince Street & Farris Road
Hogan Road14,000Hogan Road & Prince Street
Donaghey Avenue14,000Donaghey Avenue & Dave Ward Drive
Salem Road14,000Salem Road & Prince Street
College Avenue13,000College & Donaghey avenues

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