Garcia Wealth Management Ribbon Cutting

Garcia Wealth Management Desires to Help Clients Achieve American Dream, Generational Wealth 

Osmar and Gilberto Garcia are looking to grow Garcia Wealth Management, a practice affiliated with Northwestern Mutual, into a regional leader in financial planning and generational wealth building.  

“There is not a limit for us or our clients,” said Gilberto Garcia, Co-founder and President of Garcia Wealth Management.  

The Garcia brothers believe there is opportunity everywhere, which is why one of their goals is to have their client base span all 50 states.  

“You have to be willing to work and see if the opportunity to help and add value is there,” Gilberto said.  

The Garcia brothers see their story as the embodiment of the American Dream; two immigrants who have been afforded the opportunity to start a family and grow a business. The Garcias emigrated to the United States from Mexico in 1998, following their father who emigrated to America in 1997. After working and saving money, he brought the rest of his family when Osmar was 8 and Gilberto was 3.  

“It was a little scary, because you don’t know anybody here and you just show up one day and have to learn the ropes, speak a different language,” said Osmar Garcia, Co-founder and CEO of Garcia Wealth Management.  

The family settled in Morrilton, where their mom started working for the Rockefeller family and their dad eventually started his own construction remodeling business. Seeing their parents’ endless will to achieve the best future for their family has instilled a tremendous work ethic and fearless attitude in the brothers.  

“Our mom and dad took the highest degree of risk you can take and laid the groundwork where we could go to college, get an education, meet people, graduate and go to work,” Osmar said. “We saw that as a launching pad for us to be able to be here today and start our own business, and not be scared of what could go wrong, but instead be focused on what could go right.”  

Their partnership perfectly blends Gilberto’s ability to execute with Osmar’s ability to dream big for the future under Northwestern Mutual, a respected Fortune 90 company with the highest financial ratings possible.  

“Northwestern Mutual is a company that has been around for 165 years, and there are not many companies in the country that can say that,” Gilberto said. “Partnering with them, we’re backed by the strength of the company with leading resources that allow us to help our clients, but still providing the personal and local feel of a small business owner.”  

Being able to come to work at a place with their family name on the building is icing on the cake.  

“Conway is a community where small family businesses have helped it grow into what it has become,” Osmar said. “We’re proud of our last name, so that inspired us to name our firm Garcia Wealth Management.” 

The future holds many plans for the Garcia brothers and their team. They’re on their way to becoming a regional leader in financial planning and wealth building, but most importantly they want to create generational wealth for their clients through a team that represents all members of the community.  

“We are focused on multi-generational planning, which is what excites me when you start looking 10 or 20 years down the road,” Osmar said. “We understand that when someone meets with our team, it can change the trajectory of their entire family and business, and that is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.” 

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