Conway Sales Tax Collections Up $3M, 13.75% in 2022 

Through the first seven months of the year, city sales tax collections are up more than $3 million and 13.75% over 2021. 

Collections have outpaced 2021 numbers in every month through July. The best month for percentage increase over 2021 was January when collections were up 26%. The best month for dollar increase came in February when collections were up more $775,000.  

Collections have averaged more than $3.6 million in 2022, up from $3.2 million last year. 

Month20212022Real $ Increase% Increase
January$2.8 million$3.6 million$754,49826.06%
February$3.6 million$4.4 million$775,15621.28%
March$2.9 million$3.2 million$277,7449.44%
April$2.6 million$3.2 million$563,54821.15%
May$3.6 million$3.9 million$264,7817.24%
June$3.4 million$3.5 million$41,1191.19%
July$3.4 million$3.7 million$340,2359.89%
YTD$22.7 million$25.7 million$3.0 million13.75%

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