Regional Rent Report: How Much Does the Average 1-Bed Apartment Cost?

Rent prices are up across the region by an average of 8% with the average one-bedroom apartment costing $1,134. 

Across a 9-city report including major cities from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee, Conway had the lowest average rent at $700. Rent prices were up 8% here. 

The highest average rent was found in Nashville with a one-bedroom costing $1,745. That’s up 14% over last year. The largest year-over-year increase was found in Rogers. A 20% increase brought the average one-bedroom to $1,311. 

Check out the entire regional breakdown below. 

LocationAverage RentYear-over-Year Increase
Conway, Arkansas$7008%
Fayetteville, Arkansas$7738%
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma$8456%
Little Rock, Arkansas$8602%
Memphis, Tennessee$9958%
Rogers, Arkansas$1,31120%
Dallas, Texas$1,4351%
Frisco, Texas$1,5454%
Nashville, Tennessee$1,74514%

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