Dave Creek Media: Growth Minded; Results Focused 

Few businesses obsess over growing more than Dave Creek Media, but it has nothing to do with their own company. 

One More Week 

Glenn Crockett, founder and CEO of Dave Creek Media recalls, “When we first started Dave Creek Media, there was a clear timeline to see if this would go anywhere. Whenever I closed a deal, I would add one more week to the timeline. We celebrated our five-year anniversary in April 2022, so something appears to be working.” 

Beyond the timeline, Dave Creek Media has continually expanded its team and capabilities. “We started primarily in consulting engagements,” says Crockett. “Our capabilities have evolved from our intense desire to help our clients grow. At first, I hired a part-time person to help with ads, then added an account manager, a videographer, and the list goes on. We were on a steady growth trajectory right up to March 2020.” 

A Pivotal Year 

In the same month that the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives and the futures of many businesses, something else happened at Dave Creek Media. Jakob Michaelis, Chief Strategy Officer, remembers it clearly. 

“I had been talking to Glenn and Jeff [Standridge], Dave Creek co-founder, since January 2020,” recalls Michaelis. “We discussed the potential merger of my agency and Dave Creek Media. Month after month, things were falling into place that made it clear we should give it a shot, so I packed up my office and moved it to Dave Creek. That was the first week of March.” 

Michaelis continues, “One week later, almost to the day, the Governor declared a state of emergency, and everything shut down. As quickly as I gained an in-house team, everyone was forced home. It was clear this would be a test for Dave Creek.” 

Through the pandemic, Dave Creek Media not only survived; they thrived. “Instead of layoffs and furloughs, we were aggressively hiring. As a result, we doubled our team size and revenue in 2020,” says Crockett.  

Still Flourishing 

Dave Creek Media continues to thrive today with over 25 employees and no sign of slowing down. Crockett attributes the continued success of the company to its outward focus. “Above all, it is our mission to be a place people want to be a part of,” says Crockett. 

Working At Dave Creek Media 

The first half of the mission is to create an environment that fosters growth opportunities and has a distinctive culture. 

“As a driven leader, it’s easy to let culture slide to the back burner,” says Crockett. “However, culture is vital in a business run by people. At Dave Creek Media, we win together and celebrate each other every chance we get. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or a successful client win, you can bet we’ll make a big deal out of it.” 

“We invest heavily in our team to sharpen their skills and reach their career aspirations,” adds Michaelis. “We have continuing education programs for each specialist role and leadership opportunities for those that wish to pursue that path. Ultimately, we want everyone to operate in their zone of genius.” 

Working With Dave Creek Media 

The second half of the Dave Creek Media mission is to be the go-to business partner for digital marketing needs. 

“Our Connected Marketing Architecture framework is our unique advantage in the industry,” says Michaelis. “We think strategically about the entire customer journey and build a marketing system tailored to your business. The system drives revenue by design, so you’ll never consider marketing an expense unless you talk to your accountant.” 

Michaelis adds, “We also have an entire team of in-house specialists that handle the entire system. So with Dave Creek Media, you’re getting a team of 5-7 highly specialized people for the price of one full-time employee. That collaborative team is truly the secret sauce that brings client success.” 

Growing In Conway 

While it sounds like Dave Creek Media has plans for global domination, Crockett and Michaelis made it clear Conway will always be home. 

“Our company vision is to help 500 businesses in 30 territories by January 1, 2025,” says Crockett. “Last year, we launched our Dave Creek Media franchise concept. The model plants market leaders in distinct territories. They will build relationships and add to the businesses we serve. The fulfillment of digital marketing services for those businesses will take place here in Conway. We anticipate creating over 100 jobs by the time we reach our vision.” 

“Creating jobs out of our franchise concept is a massive win for Conway,” says Michaelis. “With the remote job landscape, it would be easy to hire abroad to meet our staffing needs. We’re taking a polar opposite approach and creating our talent here in Conway.” 

Michaelis continues, “Our Spark internship program is a 12-week experience that bridges the gap between education and career. Our interns train, mentor, and assist with live client projects to hone their skills and get career-ready. Top-performing interns are offered full-time positions at Dave Creek Media.” 

By focusing on clients and people, Dave Creek Media has turned growth into its DNA, and the future is brighter than ever. 

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