Top 5 December Home Sales in Faulkner County

The top home sale of December occurred at 272 Mill Pond Road in Conway on a 4,335-square-foot home. It sold for more than $212 per square foot at $920,000.

The second-largest home sale occurred at 1535 S. Salem Road on a 3,525-square-foot home. It sold for nearly $190 per square foot at $668,000. All five of the top home sales occurred in Conway.

The homes averaged 4 beds, 3 baths and 3,600 square feet. The average price per square foot was more than $183. Check the complete list below.

PriceAddressBedsBathsSFPrice per SF
$920,000272 Mill Pond Road, Conway444,335$212.23
$668,0001535 S. Salem Road, Conway433,535$189.50
$643,7001700 Pearce Drive, Conway443,590$179.30
$560,0003165 Cresthaven, Conway443,473$161.24
$540,0001725 Briley Drive, Conway533,100$174.18

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