What’s That Gonna Be: Green Thumb Produce Going Brick-and-Mortar on Hogan Lane 

Green Thumb Produce, a popular tent stand that’s operated near the corner of Prince and Hogan for several years, is moving to a new brick-and-mortar shop at 450 Hogan Lane. 

The open date is not known at this time, but owner Glenn Shadwick said his operation would continue under a tent until the location is complete. Shadwick said the tent would either be located in his traditional spot near the corner of Hogan Lane and Prince Street, or in the parking lot of his new location. Follow the Green Thumb Produce Facebook page for updates

Once in the new shop, Shadwick said Green Thumb would continue to offer the same produce as usual, including watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, cucumbers, squash and more, but will also add other options that weren’t available in an outside setting. The shop will also allow Green Thumb to provide produce throughout the rest of the year, including turnip and mustard greens, black apples, pecans, peanuts and more.  

The shop will provide 4,000 square feet inside, as well as a 14-foot covered porch that circles the building and provides another 4,000 square feet for items.  

Green Thumb Produce will be open seven days a week. Hours will be posted later on the Facebook page

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